If you are like most people, your home is the single largest investment you will make. Start it off with a new foundation.  A new basement is the cheapest square footage you will own.  The best decision you will ever make is waiting for you!

Solve Foundation Flaws

Before beginning any remodeling project, start with a foundation inspection. We can inspect any foundation for defects, broken footings, or walls that are out of plumb.  Remodeling a home on a substandard foundation is a costly mistake many people have regretted making.  Foundation repairs can wreak havoc with newly installed siding, windows, or cabinetry and appliances.  Your foundation is the backbone of your entire home. Solving foundation flaws can fix numerous problems simultaneously!

Expand Your Square Footage

A new foundation is a cost effective way to add livable space to your home.  Take advantage of your home’s footprint by making the space under it habitable.  The roof is already overhead and you don’t need extra property to add on.   An addition requires a foundation anyway, why not put the livable basement under the roof you already have overhead with extra bedrooms or family room down stairs! With a brand new water-proof and insulated basement, your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.