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"In Recognition and appreciation of your support of the Douglas County Historical Society for moving Governor Knut Nelson's home; I hereby commend and congratulate: Thein Moving Company with appreciation and respect of the people of Minnesota."
Rudy Perpich
Governor of Minnesota
Thein Movers House and Structural Moving in Minnesota Home

"Minnesota’s Trusted and Experienced Structural Movers Since 1892 — The only thing that is impossible is finding a move that we can’t do! "

If They Say it’s Impossible, Call us.
We’ll Move It!

Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Thein Moving Co. is the only structural mover in Minnesota with a public service license.

Whether you want to move or raise a historical building, a special home or investment property, or even a barn, you want to make sure you have the right mover.

Our family has been moving buildings since 1892--there are not a lot of situations we haven’t seen or can’t handle. In fact we enjoy the challenge. When someone says it can’t be moved, bet them a steak dinner and then call Thein.

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We have the equipment and the manpower to handle any size project, and can even move multiple structures at one time, which saves time and expense. We not only take special care with your property and treat it like it is our own, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to insure you the safest and most efficient move possible.

With thousands of happy customers under our belt, generations of experience and all the right equipment and knowledge to carefully move your building, why would you want to risk calling someone else?

We have moved churches, historic homes, sentimental homes, century old log buildings, gymnasiums, county buildings, libraries, agricultural buildings (barns, granaries), garages--even an entire airport!

Now in our fourth generation, we still carry the same “old school” work ethic, taking pride and care in what we do. Yet we also use the latest technology and cutting-edge methods to get the job done right. When you want the job done by the best, it’s time to call Thein Moving Co. You’ll see why we receive so many referrals and have made so many life-long friends.


We are proud members of the:

International Association of Structural Movers

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· your solid masonry building mover
· your historic home mover
· your new or old log building mover
· your library mover
· your church mover
· your agricultural building mover
· your barn mover
· your shed mover

· your garage mover
· your granary mover
· your pole building mover
· your heavy machinery mover
· your county building mover
· your airplane hangar mover
· your locomotive mover

· your "if they say it can't be done" mover!